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The best view of Belgrade

Belgrade is not one of those polished travel destinations such as Paris, London or Rome. Nevertheless, you will soon come to realize that the city with its somewhat dilapidated buildings, relatively scarce archaeological and historical monuments and two rivers most unprofitably used can be very charming. These are qualities you must see to believe. 

Belgrade is not, as some obdurate critics used to object, the moodiest of all the capitals in the Balkans, either. Quite the contrary: Serbs generally and Belgrade residents particularly are open, friendly and direct. Even after having suffering under international sanctions and anti-Serb sentiments in the West, they are incredibly hospitable and warm to foreigners, and sometimes generous to the extreme. You must see to believe. 

Nor is Belgrade a good example of a patriarchal, old-fashioned and melancholic community. The past and the present are curiously interwoven here, where east and west mingle. Its practical tolerance has made it a cosmopolitan city. Belgrade has always been tolerant of foreign influences, ideas, novelties and life styles, though its citizens are homely, fond and unobtrusive. As for the reputed spirit of melancholy, if you succeed in feeling it at all, it is not because of Belgrade's present anxieties, only because of some old regrets. 

Besides, you must see to believe!

Tour # 1

Belgrade Panorama

Standard sightseeing by private car/minivan, approximately 3 hrs

Why not get your first impressions of the city with this quick overview of that puzzling mixture called Belgrade: oriental spices co-existing with European refinement, postmodernist glassed-in buildings, charming small houses of traditional Balkan architecture, modern alleys and boulevards contrasted with hilly and whimsically laid-out side streets.  

We visit various city quarters, including New Belgrade on the left bank of the Sava River, the luxurious residential area of Dedinje and the picturesque Old town. Between these visits we will pass en route St. Sava Church, Slavija Square, Belgrade Palace, the 'New Court', City hall, the Federal Parliament, Terazije street, the National Theatre, the National Museum, University, and more. A highlight of the tour is our brief visit to the archaeological and historical site of Belgrade Fortress. Situated at Kalemegdan, the remains of the old fortifications (from the 1st to the 18th centuries) overlook the Sava and Danube confluence. We will complete the tour with a spectacular panoramic view of the rivers, the Great War Island and New Belgrade on the other bank.

Photo stops
at key landmarks such as St. Sava Church, the Orthodox Cathedral, Belgrade Fortress. Entrance fee for the Orthodox Cathedral: c/a EUR 1.00 per person.

What our clients say about this tour and its guide
"Competent introduction to the city...."
"Nice pace... didn't talk too fast, courteous."

The second largest Orthodox church in Europe is being built at the place where in 1594 Sinnan Pasha had the holy relics of St. Sava burned at the stake. Construction works started in the late-19th century. They were interrupted during the WWII, and continued after a very long pause in 1985.

Tour # 2

Belgrade Experience

Sightseeing by private car/minivan and a River Cruise, approximately 4 1/2 hrs

This originally designed sightseeing tour features all of the most important historical sights and nature-based attractions of Belgrade including areas beyond the city center. The tour also includes a short cruise by river-boat along the Sava and Danube rivers. You will discover the city thoroughly and this tour will be among your most memorable Belgrade experiences! 

After a scenic tour of centrally located city districts, squares and streets we are going to take a leisurely stroll to explore the old town area known as "Varos", with short visits to the Orthodox Cathedral and Belgrade Fortress. The tour continues with a drive to New Belgrade, situated on the left bank of the Sava river. After arrival at the Belgrade's port we embark a river-boat and sail along the Sava and Danube to enjoy the unique and changing views of the town and surroundings. The cruise lasts c/a 2 hours and passes by some of the most recognizable Belgrade sights, including the Lower fortress of Belgrade, 6 bridges over the Sava river and the green oasis of the river island of Ada Ciganlija with its man-made lake. Finally we return to the pier and transport you to your hotel. 

Photo stops
at key landmarks such as St. Sava Church, the Orthodox Cathedral, Belgrade Fortress.

What our clients say about this tour and its guide
"An enjoyable and fascinating city tour."
"There's really no substitute for having a local show you round."

Please note:
The cruise part of this tour operates independently during the summer (June-September; afternoon hours), and may not be available on a chosen day.

Tour # 3 

Belgrade Unusual 

Sightseeing by public transportation and walking, approximately 4 hrs

There are many unusual sights in Belgrade that are accessible by public transportation, if you know which way to go - which tram or bus line, which stop, which exit. This is why you'll be accompanied by your private guide while wandering around the streets of Belgrade. We'll be using almost all means of public transportation (bus, trolley, tram) to reach some not so frequently visited attractions in town. Nothing brings you closer to "the true Belgrade", then this originally designed tour program! 

Before exploring the vast and varied conglomeration of Greater Belgrade, we'll be heading to New Belgrade on the left bank of the Sava River in order to see some Communist-style apartment blocks and the Sava Congress Center. Then back to the central part of the city where the principal landmarks are to be seen: Slavija Square, Belgrade Palace, City hall, Terazije street, the National Theatre, the National Museum. A brief visit to the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija, with its cheerful and popular taverns. Then on to one of those picturesque open-air markets, where Belgraders usually go shopping. At the end of the tour we will visit the famous river island of Ada Ciganlija with its man-made lake. Some free time for swimming, or relaxing in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants. Do not forget your swimsuit, unless you are a naturist (there is a beach section for nudists as well). You can stay there as long as you wish and get back to the hotel on your own.

Please note:
The tour is available during the summer (June-September).  It comprises some longer segments on foot, therefore it is recommended for mainly younger and physically active visitors.

Tour # 4

Belgrade Fortress

Walking tour, approximately 2 hrs

With its ancient ruins, various cultural monuments, two tiny but charming churches, marvelous surroundings and spectacular views Belgrade Fortress offers a really unique experience! Though it is the place where history is no longer made, Belgrade Fortress contains a strong and clear bond connecting millennia of human history. Almost 2.000 years of Belgrade's turbulent past are represented in this single space with monuments and remnants from different periods. Let the most knowledgeable guide in town show you round...

We start our visit with the Upper fortress area. It includes well-preserved artillery structures dating from the mid-18th century as well as a medieval fortification - an acropolis with original or partly reconstructed ramparts, gateways, towers, barbicans and the excavated ruins of a 15th century castle. A few Ottoman Turkish monuments and some older, ancient Roman remnants also lie in this area. In this section of the fortification you will visit the fine Gallery of Belgrade Fortress (open 11 AM - 6 PM) and the elegant 18th century Baroque Clock Tower (or the Roman Well instead). Next, a tour of the Eastern Ward includes the Rose Church of Our Lady (visit) and a panoramic view of the Lower fortress and its monuments - the Nebojsa Tower, the Baroque Gate of Karl VI, and the remains of the medieval Metropolitan Palace.

What our clients say about this tour and its guide
"His (Branko) deep affection for Serbia and its history came through."
"Very knowledgeable but never boring."
"Rich knowledge of the history of Belgrade; very rewarding."

For the capital of the mediaeval Serbian state, Belgrade was proclaimed in the early-15th century. On its acropolis there was once a castle with the ruler's palace, a donjon tower and a drawbridge at the entrance.

Tour # 5

Belgrade Old Town

Walking tour, approximately 2 hrs

This tour around the historical nucleus of the modern city is undoubtedly the best way to see Belgrade's architectural masterpieces and to understand the contrasts between their various styles: from old Balkan residences to Neoclassical, Renaissance and Art Nouveau mansions and palaces, from daub and wattle to concrete and steel.

Starting from the lively Republic Square, we will make a close inspection of its architectonic monuments such as the National Theatre and the National Museum. Then on along Kneza Mihaila Street in order to see a few masterpieces of Belgrade's architecture: the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Serbian Crown Palace etc. In the inner core of the Old Town you will see the National Bank Palace and the 'Question mark sign' Inn, visit Princess Ljubica's Residence (now housing a permanent exhibition of original furniture made in different styles) and the Orthodox Cathedral. In a small 19th century quarter with its narrow, cobblestone streets we will see the archaeological remains of the former National Library, destroyed in the WWII. Along the route the guide will give you all the history, and tell you some interesting stories about the people and events of the by-gone era.

Entrance fees for the Orthodox Cathedral and Princess Ljubica's Residence: c/a EUR 2.80 per person.

The oldest Court was built in the first half of the 19th century, at the time of the institutional restoration of the Serbian state. This was one of the first residential buildings in Belgrade to be constructed of durable material.


The most popular guided walk in Belgrade, exclusively offered by us!

Tour # 6  

Belgrade Promenade

Walking tour, approximately 2 1/2 hrs (including a coffee break)

The highlights of Tour 4 and Tour 5 are combined here into a unique visitor experience. Enjoy this fully personalized tour of all the most important tourist attractions in the capital. Taking in the sounds and the sights you will collect lots of impressions in just two hours. If you do not have time for more extensive sightseeing, then this tour is just what you need!

Starting from the lively Republic Square, we guide you along Kneza Mihaila Street in order to see a few masterpieces of Belgrade's architecture (neoclassical, Neo-renaissance and Art Nouveau mansions and palaces from the 19th and early 20th century) and across the Old Town, where you will see some of the oldest preserved buildings, such as the 'Question mark sign' Inn, the Princess Ljubica's Residence and the Orthodox Cathedral (visit). In the second part of the tour we will visit the Belgrade Fortress, its Upper town area (artillery structures, medieval ramparts, the archaeological remains of the 15th century castle), as well as the tiny Rose Church of Our Lady which is unique in every sense: there are different views about its origin, several legends about its name, and even its decoration is quite unusual for a religious building. During the tour we can take a coffee break (optional). 

What our clients say about this tour and its guide
"Was able to keep a group of 13 ladies interested and quiet for 2.5 hours."
"Good story telling."
"A cultured and intelligent man."



Tour # 7

Belgrade Aerial

Sightseeing by plane, approximately 1 1/2 hrs (the flight: 20 minutes)


Private transfer to the airport with a brief tour of Novi Belgrade area situated on the left bank of the Sava river. Than, take off for a private panoramic flight over the Serbian capital: sightseeing by plane type Cessna 172 (with or without your guide's commentary) lasts 20 minutes and offers spectacular views of the most engaging surroundings of the Serbian capital. The flight takes you over Zemun, a historical town situated at the border of the vast Pannonian Plain, the Danube with its green 'Great War Island', the archaeological and historical site of Kalemegdan with its fortifications, monuments and churches, the Sava river with 6 bridges, numerous rafts and floating boats and, finally, the island of Ada Ciganlija. Return to the airport and transfer to your hotel.

Please note:
This tour is no longer available.

Private City Tours & Guided Walks Prices

Starting from:
EUR 90 for a guided walk
EUR 140 for a city tour by car
(Per tour/car and not per person)


You should know...
All walking tours include frequent stops and would be completely suitable for anyone who has no difficulty with everyday walking (should be able to climb 5-6 flights of stairs and walk at least 1 mile). However, some tours such as Belgrade Unusual involve moderate activity (longer walking, steep slopes and loose surfaces).
There is a brief rest-stop halfway through each walking tour where guests can take advantage of clean and convenient restrooms.
Respectful attire that covers shoulders and knees should be worn in order to enter the Orthodox Cathedral.



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