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 Serbia & Belgrade

Breaking news from Serbia 
Republic of Serbia Official Web site
Visa requirements for visitors   
Serbian Embassies worldwide   
JAT Airways
Autotehna rent-a-car 
General travel information on Serbia   
Mt. Kopaonik - the Mountain of Sun and Snow

A.C.E. Cycling and Mountaineering Center
Bird watching in Serbia
Bird sanctuaries in Serbia and bird watching tours
Serbia by Lonely Planet

City of Belgrade Official Web site   
Weather in Belgrade 
Belgrade Airport  
Parking Zones and Prices   
Sights of Belgrade   
Digital Photo Gallery:Belgrade & Serbia
Nikola Tesla Museum
Ethnographic Museum
Art paintings by M. Kravcev
Belgrade Stock Exchange

Embassies in Belgrade

United States - U.S. Embassy
United Kingdom - British Embassy  
Australia - Australian Embassy 
Belgium - Belgian Embassy

Canada - Canadian Embassy
Czech Republic - Embassy of Czech Republic
Denmark - Royal Danish Embassy  
Germany - Deutsche Botschaft

Greece - Greek Embassy
Finland - Finnish Embassy
France - French Embassy, Ambassade de France
Hungary - Magyar Köztársaság Nagykövetsége

Italia - Italian Embassy, Ambasciata d'Italia
India - Indian Embassy
Indonesia - Indonesian Embassy
Israel - Israeli Embassy

Japan - Japanese Embassy
Netherlands - Royal Netherlands Embassy  
Norway - Royal Norwegian Embassy 
Spain - Spanish Embassy  

Sweden - Swedish Embassy
Switzerland - Swiss Embassy

 Travel literature - Guidebooks

SERBIA In Your Hands
All You Need for Traveling Through Serbia in One Guide.  
English, German and Italian editions

This is an excellent guidebook covering all the known and plenty of off-beat attractions of Serbia. The text is divided into three sections: Basic facts, Serbia by Regions and Practical Help.

BELGRADE In Your Hands

All You Need for Visiting Belgrade in One Guide.  
"Belgrade in Your Hands" offers detailed coverage of the town's history, art and architecture, cuisine and customs - including coverage of many of the less visited sites.

Belgrade Fortress
Authored by B. Rabotic

Detailed description of monuments Stories & Legends
Practical information
Original photographs
Maps & Drawings

ISBN 978-86-7722-401-1

This new interpretive guide can be purchased in the Gallery (souvenir shop) of the Fortress located inside the Inner Stambol Gate as well as in some better bookshops.

BELGRADE: The Bradt Travel Guide

A new travel guide in English (306 pages, with some photos and full-color city maps) authored by Laurence Mitchell and published by Bradt Travel Guides in December 2005. The book can be ordered from or directly from the publisher.

SERBIA 2nd Edition The Bradt Travel Guide by L. Mitchell

In the 2nd edition (2007) of his already excellent book, Laurence Mitchell offers a considerably enlarged, significantly improved, fully updated and re-designed story about this new European tourism destination!

(360 pp, 13 pp color photos, 26 maps)

SERBIA 3rd Edition: The Bradt Travel Guide by L. Mitchell

(376 pp, 13 pp color photos, 26 maps and plans)

Available at from July 20, 2010!


The book is authored by Laurence Mitchell and published as his first contribution to the Bradt guides... Read the whole review here:

 Nove stručne knjige u prodaji:
dr Branislav Rabotic
Turisticko vodjenje - teorija i praksa
Posredovanje u turizmu
Selektivni oblici turizma
Poslovanje turističkih agencija

Klikni na naslov knjige za vise detalja!

 Travel Forum

Lonely Planet's ThornTree
The Thorntree is a bulletin board provided to the travel community, the people who wish to exchange travel information and to share experiences they've had on the road. In the ‘Departure Lounge’ find a branch 'Central & Eastern Europe and Caucasus' (that's where Serbia is packed into - click here to be taken there!).  If you decide to post, you will need to register a nickname. This is the best place to ask your fellow travelers whatever you'd like.

 Recommended books...

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia by Rebecca West 
White Eagles Over Serbia by Lawrence Durrell

The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War by Misha Glenny
The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yugoslavia by Tim Judah
Tito and the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia: And the Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia by Richard West
Serbia: The History of an Idea by Stevan K. Pavlowich
Belgrade: Among the Serbs by Florence Hamlish Levinsohn
Guerrilla Radio: Rock 'N' Roll Radio and Serbia's Underground Ressistance by Matthew Collin

The Bridge on the Drina (Nobel prize in Literature) by Ivo Andrich 
Serbia: The Bradt Travel Guide by Laurence Mitchell
Belgrade: The Bradt Travel Guide by Laurence Mitchell

Serbia and Montenegro Map
War and Revolution in Serbia by Robert Thomas
The Nonconformists: Culture, Politics, and Nationalism in a Serbian Intellectual Circle, 1944-1991 by Nick Miller

 Why not learn Serbian?

Teach Yourself Serbian Complete Course
by David Norris and Vladislava Ribnikar
Learn more at

Talking Dictionary: English-Serbian-English
Learn more at

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