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With Branko, I had the expertise of an experienced guide, the hospitality of a true Belgradian and the dedication of a sudden friend. He is the right guy for Belgrade!  
J. Sampaio, Portugal, 06/01/2003



Branko Rabotic is a regular member of the Tourist Guides Association of Serbia (UTVS). 
He guides in English, Greek and Serbian and is currently based in Belgrade 

1 | Education

PhD dissertation titled Tourist Guiding in Contemporary Tourism successfully defended on December 24, 2009 at Belgrade's Singidunum University, Department of Postgraduate Studies (see photo);

MA degree at Belgrade University (1982) with a Master's thesis entitled The Role of Travel Agencies in the Process of Tourism Development in Yugoslavia;

BA degree at Belgrade University (1977), Faculty of Tourism Sciences;

Took a special course and the examination for professional tour guides of Serbia (1975), and holds 
the official Guide License issued by the Ministry of Tourism;

2 | Professional experience

Created (with his colleague) and conducts a special program of regularly scheduled cultural walking tours of Belgrade, including a BELGRADE FORTRESS tour since 06/28/1998 and an OLD TOWN OF BELGRADE tour since 06/26/1999. These tours, sponsored by the municipality of Old Town, are conducted to better inform the citizens of Belgrade, especially the youngsters, about the city's cultural heritage, and to promote a wider interest for cultural monuments generally.

Founded and managed for six years the "Sun Ways" travel agency in Belgrade, specializing in Greek destinations (Athens Cultural Tour, Archaeological & Classical tours, Island hopping etc) 1993-1999;

Employed by the "Yugotours" tour operating company (Outgoing tourism department), 1978;

Traveled frequently (1975-1992) to various European countries and cities (especially Greece) as a professional tour manager for various Yugoslav travel agencies;

Conducted and guided, as a freelancer, numerous groups from Soviet Union on a "Grand tour of Yugoslavia" (1975-76);

3 | Academic experience / Contributions

Appointed as Lecturer (2008) and Professor (2010) at the Belgrade College of Tourism (Visoka turistička �kola strukovnih studija).

Authored the following books:
Special Interest Tourism (textbook, in Serbian, Belgrade 2012)
Tourist Guiding - Theory and Practice (scientific monograph, in Serbian, Belgrade 2011)
Belgrade Fortress (guidebook, in English, Belgrade 2011)
The Business of Travel Agency (textbook co-author, in Serbian, Belgrade 2009, 2010, 2013)
Belgrade Fortress in Your Hands (guidebook, in Serbian, Belgrad, 2006)

Participated in international tourism conferences and presented his papers on the theme of guided tours and tourist guiding: Breda (The Netherlands), 2013 Belgrade (Serbia), 2012 Skopje (FYR Macedonia), 2011 Plymouth (United Kingdom), 2011 Portoroz (Slovenia), 2010 Opatija (Croatia), 2010 Heraklion & Santorini (Greece), 2010 Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), 2010 Istanbul (Turkey), 2010 Alanya (Turkey), 2008.

Engaged in the project "Education of the labor force in tourism: Travel Agency Operations; Tourist Destination Management" (sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services and organized by the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Singidunum University) with a series of lectures on the themes: Tourist Guides: Potential for Improving the Quality of Serbia's Tourism Offer and Tourist Guiding and the Destination - Visitors interaction (March-October 2007);

Appointed by Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Services (2006) as lecturer in the course for candidates applying for licenses as tourist guides at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management (Singidunum University, Belgrade), for the subject �Tourist Guiding: Skills and Practices�

Taught at Faculty of Tourism, Belgrade University, as Assistant Professor (1978-1991).

More details on B. Rabotic's academic web site and his Facebook and Linkedin profiles:



| Awards


2005 TOURIST FLOWER AWARD for Excellence in Tourism in the Tourist Guide category (The award is given by National Tourism Organization of Serbia). 


"Belgrade Sightseeing is a tourist service headed by Branko Rabotic, a licensed guide who speaks English, Serbian and Greek. Mr. Rabotic is very knowledgeable about Belgrade's history and organises a range of private tours and city walks, as well as multi-day excursions further into the Serbian countryside..."
(December, 2005)


"Belgrade Sightseeing is a tour guide service run by Branko Rabotic, a Belgrade-based polymath, who offers a wide range of year-round itineraries, from a three-hour walking tour of the capital to a week-long monastery tour of central Serbia... Belgrade Sightseeing provides an efficiently run tourist service... Mr. Rabotic is an experienced and knowledgeable guide... He hosts an informative website..." (March, 2005)


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER ('Belgrade Rising' by Amy Alipio)
As Belgrade's local guide, Mr. Branko Rabotic is quoted in the world's most widely read travel magazine  - Volume 19, Number 5, July-August, 2002



"Mr. Branko Rabotic is somewhat of a local legend in the tourist industry, offering different walking/car/bus tours of Belgrade or other parts of Yugoslavia (the monasteries, Vojvodina, Topola/Oplenac), as well as upkeeping a good website about Belgrade. Tours are conducted in English, Greek and Serbian..." (February, 2002)


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