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Belgrade by Night Tour


Warmth of a
national restaurant

Relaxed atmosphere of a discotheque 

Coziness of a
floating night club

Glamour of the
Grand Casino Belgrade

An appeal of adventure... at low cost

After the slightly arduous day tours it is time to have a rest. Relax in the 'Belgrade way': stroll the illuminated streets in the capital's downtown core, have a drink in one of the numerous cafes and clubs situated literally everywhere. Then taste delicious Serbian food in a national restaurant of Skadarlija and feel the flavor of the 19th century. You can complete your night out with the touching of glasses in a club, discothèque or the Grand casino Belgrade. Belgrade's night life ends in the wee hours, but think of the next day excursion and sensations that are still to come. 

The following By Night tour reveals a segment of the vibrant and diverse 'evening economy' which has become crucial for Belgrade's image as a 'party town'. Then you can lightly go around the corner, off the beaten paths, and discover truly exciting and sometimes eccentric places usually hidden under the cover of long Belgrade's night. And you will soon encounter one of the most appealing features of the local nightlife. Not only is it varied, not only is it unique, but it is priced so low you can enjoy almost everything it has to offer, even if you are on a tight budget. Live it up right through the night in Belgrade, without denying yourself the luxury you have always dreamed of.

Tour #

Bohemian Evening

Serbian gastronomy, approximately 3 hrs


Transfer from your hotel to downtown Belgrade, if necessary. We will take a stroll around Republic Square and enjoy a drink in a fancy club of the area, or in one of the open-air cafes during the summer. Then, we take a brief walk to Skadarlija, a picturesque quarter with old, little houses and plenty of cheerful restaurants. Once inhabited by craftsmen and lower rank bureaucracy, the area was known for its lively bohemian life in the second part of the 19th century, as a meeting place for artists, actors, journalists, writers and poets who would drop in here at the crack of dawn. In this small and unique world of gastronomy, tiny art galleries, open-air exhibitions, street musicians and fortune-tellers lie some of the best known Belgrade's national restaurants. A three course dinner will be served in a fine, nostalgic and 150-years-old setting, where the discrete sounds of live folk music are performed by the joyful strolling musicians. Drinks and beverages are extra. Return to your hotel.

Belgrade's Skadarlija is a sort of sentimental retreat where one can, without fear or embarrassment, give vent to the feelings of the soul. The appeal of this quarter packed with national restaurants and taverns is in its charm, the people and the beauty of comradeship that for decades has been forged by a great fellowship of bohemians.

'Bohemian Evening' Prices

Starting from:
EUR 30-50 (per person, min. 2 persons)


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