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Some Serbian... for help and for fun

This capsule vocabulary of useful expressions should assist you in your everyday dealings in Belgrade. Most public signs and warnings still are written in Serbian only, so take with you a copy of this glossary and you will understand them properly. You may find it helpful in some local restaurants and cafes, where menus are in Serbian as well. Do not worry too much, though. So many people in Belgrade learn English in school that you may find you need this handy vocabulary only for the "fun of it".


Dobro jutro Good morning
Dobar dan  Good morning/Good afternoon!
Dobro vece Good evening
Laku noc Good night
Zdravo  Hello
Kako ste? How are you?
Dobro sam  I am all right
Vrlo ste ljubazni  You are very kind
Drago mi je Pleased to meet you
Ja se zovem... My name is...
Ja sam stranac I am foreigner
Ja sam iz... Engleske, Amerike, Japana, Italije, Francuske, Grcke, Spanije, Austrije, Nemacke I am from England, USA, Japan, Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany
Dobro All right
Nema problema No problem
Dovidjenja Good-by

Useful Phrases

Da! Ne! Hvala! Yes! No! Thank you!
Oprostite, Izvinite  Sorry, Excuse me!
Ne razumem  I don't understand
Ne znam srpski I don't speak Serbian
Govorite engleski?  Do you speak English?
Da li neko govori engleski? Does anybody here speak English?
Pozurite malo  Hurry up, please!
Lepo mi je ovde I have a good time here
Ponovite, molim Will you, please, repeat that?
Pokazite mi Please point to...
Dajte mi Please give me...
Recite mi Please tell me...
Koliko kosta? How much is it?
Samo gledam I'm just looking
Gde je... Where is...
Blizu, Daleko nearby, far
Apoteka Pharmacy
Lekar, Zubar, Bolnica Doctor, Dentist, Hospital
Prodavnica, Bakalnica, Robna kuca Shop, Grocery, Department store

Signs & Warnings

Zabranjeno! Forbidden!
Nije dozvoljeno! Not allowed!
Paznja! Attention!
Slobodno Free
Zauzeto Occupied
WC- Muski, Zenski Men's room, Ladies' room
Jedan smer One way
Ne ulazite! No Entrance!
Ulica Street
Bulevar Avenue
Trg Square
Spomenik Monument
Radno vreme Working hours
Otvoreno Open
Zatvoreno Closed
Ne radimo Closed
Samousluzivanje Self service
Zabranjeno pusenje No smoking
Levo Left
Desno Right
Pravo Straight ahead

4  Menue of a Typical Restaurant

Dorucak  Breakfast
Rucak  Lunch
Vecera Dinner


Govedja supa Beef soup
Pileca supa  Chicken soup
Corba od povrca Vegetable soup
Riblja corba Fish soup
Sir Cheese
Kajmak Butter cream spread
Buter, Sunka, Jaja Butter, Ham, Eggs
Kuvano jaje Boiled egg


Teleca snicla Veal steak
Svinjska snicla Pork steak
Biftek Beef-steak
Becka snicla Wiener schnitzel
Mleveno meso Minced meat
Peceno meso Roasted meat
Telece pecenje Roast veal
Svinjsko pecenje Roast pork
Pecena piletina Roast chicken
Kuvano meso
Soup meat


Pirinac, Krompir, Pomfrit Rise, Potatoes, French fries
Sargarepa, Grasak, Boranija Carrot, Peas, Beans
Kupus, Paprika Cabbage, Paprika
Mesana salata Mixed salad
Zelena salata Lettuce
Paradajz, Krastavac Tomato, Cucumber


Cevapcici Minced meat rolls, grilled
Pljeskavica Hamburger served with onion
Raznjici Pieces of veal/pork grilled
Medaljoni Veal steak
Culbastija Grilled veal or pork
Pasulj prebranac Serbian beans
Prasetina na raznju  Spit-roasted (suckling) pig
Jagnjetina na raznju  Spit-roasted lamb
Gibanica  Pastry leaves mixed with eggs, cheese and then baked
Podvarak  Roast meat en sauerkraut
Kiseo kupus Sauerkraut
Sarma Minced beef/pork with rice enveloped in pickled cabbage or vine leaves
Punjena paprika Stuffed paprika (with minced meat and rice)


Lignje, Sardele Squid, Sardines
Skampi, Jastog Shrimps, Lobster
Skusa, Saran, Pastrmka Mackerel, Carp, Trout
Bakalar, Brodet Cod, Cod stew (brodetto)


Pivo  Beer
Belo vino (suvo) White wine (dry)
Crno vino Red wine
Slivovica Plum brandy 
Lozovaca Grape brandy
Konjak  Cognac


Limunada, Sok od pomorandze Lemon juice, Orange juice
Sok od paradajza Tomato juice
Sok od... jagode, kupine, kajsije, breskve, jabuke Strawberry juice, Blackberry, Apricot, Peach, Apple
Turska kafa Turkish coffee
Espreso Espresso
Sladoled, Kolac,Torta Ice cream, Cookie, Cake
Palacinke Pancakes
Secer Sugar


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