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This specially prepared site you are visiting now has been developed to offer extensive information on available private city tours, guided walks, excursions, multi-day trips, guide services and much more. As a Web based service it offers everything you need to plan and organize your stay in Belgrade, i.e. all the elements necessary for a meaningful, rewarding and memorable travel experience:

Quality services Professionally honest and fully elaborated descriptions Special rates and conditions Quick and easy booking Free professional advice Plenty of useful tips.


You want to know what you will get for your money and what you should expect, even before you make a reservation. This is why we spell everything out! We promise that everything on our tours will go as described. We know that your travel to Serbia is far too important an event to have it go wrong after you arrive. There is no reason why it should.

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If you have never been to Serbia, there is no better place to start your trip than the capital. Although Belgrade has never been among the most popular destinations of Europe, it offers a lot of attractions and experiences to its visitors.

Belgrade is a friendly and welcoming city, where any newcomer finds it easy to settle down. Only a small part of the population in the Serbian capital consists of natives of Belgrade, with the remainder of the population coming from all parts of former Yugoslavia. Belgrade is the perfect example of a city very tolerant of newcomers and visitors.  

Even a short stay could be rewarding. There is one sole essential condition: the visitor should be accompanied by a good guide in order to follow logically formulated itineraries and get a meaningful experience, without wasting time or being confused. If you do so, you can become fully acquainted with the sights and sounds of Belgrade even during the briefest of visits.

If you are thinking about traveling to Serbia and Belgrade, now is the perfect moment. Set aside your prejudices, follow your heart, accept the challenge of novelty and be a genuine traveler: discover offbeat, authentic cultural and other attractions you might have never known existed. Surrender to the ebullient charms of the capital city and immerse yourself into its fascinating atmosphere. And do not worry: no one is ever quite prepared for this country.

This is exactly why Serbia is particularly attractive as a non-conventional travel destination!


 Private tour in Serbia? A good idea!

Please note that we do not run regular daily tours you can join, all our tours are private. Thought you couldn't afford such a tour? Think again.

Private tour is designed for the individual traveler, couple, family or small party, i.e. exclusively for you. It is your own tour with a personal licensed guide, a walk or a trip by comfortable car (or mini van) always driven by a professional and courteous chauffeur. Such a tour, focused solely on your requirements, offers you safety, flexibility, relaxed comfort, personalized service and, most of all, the right opportunity to gain
a unique experience of meeting, learning and understanding the local attractions, culture and way of life.

This selection of private tours of Belgrade and Serbia has been carefully designed and launched by Professor B. Rabotic, one of the most experienced and highly-educated tourist guides and heritage interpreters in Belgrade. He is officially-licensed and has an extensive background as a travel agent. 
Some services offered in this web site are rendered in cooperation with reliable local tour operators.

 How to book?

Please email us with your proposed dates, the tour(s) you wish to book and how many people will participate, and we will get back to you very soon. In case of last-minute booking (less than 48 hours before the service) please phone instead of emailing: 063 854.26.48 (mobile) or 386.11.53 (home). 


 We don't mind people talking about our tours!

"Dear Branko: I want to thank you for being my guide to the most wonderful tours I have ever been on. Your knowledge of the sites visited and your tour guide expertise were amazing. You made complicated history easy to understand and fun at the same time. I would highly recommend your service to anyone wanting to experience Serbia. I plan to return next year... as there is still a lot to see!
Carol, New York, USA

"I have got Mr. Branko Rabotic to guide me around for three days. That was wonderful and painstaking guiding. Thanks to his intercession I could visit a high school as well, where I made small talk with some students on the spot, whilst in a Vojvodina village I was warmly welcomed by a farm family. I was delighted at such experiences. Thank you so much!" 
Prof. Mizue Motoyoshi, Japan (translated) 

"My wife and I would like to thank you for your wonderful tour through what we found to be an extremely fascinating city... There were sections of New Belgrade and the neighborhoods around the White Palace that we would not have been able to see without your tour. We also would have missed out on the stories behind the sites that only a local can give."
Jesse and Fritha McCormick, UK

Dear Branislav, Once again a sincere and warm thank you for the wonderful tour we had on Saturday. My appreciation for the good choice you have made in showing us the most interesting, specific and sometimes "hidden" treasures we could have never (or very difficult) find out by ourselves. We could easily decide afterwards where we would like to go or what we would like to see again or explore in more detail. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I will not forget to bring a Murfatlar bottle next time I am in Belgrade :-))
I. Iliescu, Bucharest


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 Our tours given to official guests and delegations
On behalf of the Protocol Office of the Serbian Government, Mr. Branko Rabotic gave a city tour to Ms. Natasa Karamanli (Νατάσα Παζαϊτη-Καραμανλή), the spouse of the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Kostas Karamanlis on January 16. See photo.

On behalf of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Mr. Branko Rabotic gave his Belgrade Fortress tour to a five-member delegation from the United States Senate, led by Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) and accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade Mr. Michael C. Polt on November 10. 


On behalf of the Royal Family of Serbia, Mr. Branko Rabotic gave his Belgrade Fortress tour to the private guests from abroad attending the celebration of the birthday of HRH Crown Prince Alexandar II of Yugoslavia on July 17.

On behalf of the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Mr. Branko Rabotic gave his Belgrade Fortress tour to the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Ms. A. Elizabeth Jones, accompanied by the U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade Mr. William Montgomery on June 5.

On behalf of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (TOS), Mr. Branko Rabotic gave a sightseeing tour of Belgrade to the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Mr. Francesco Frangialli on March 6.



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The provider of tourist guide services presented and offered in this Web site is licensed by 
Serbian Ministry of Tourism (Guide License No 162). 
We cannot forward invitations for visa application. Visitors requiring an invitation should contact their local host or get the room confirmation directly from a hotel. We do not offer escort and call girl contacts.

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